Vintage Bisbee Turquoise Advertisements

Comparatively, these are two vintage Bisbee Turquoise advertisements for a small jewelry shop at the View Point, Lavender Pit. Most noteworthy, the world famous lavender pit is located just East of Bisbee and just West of Warren, Arizona. Consequently, Lowell, Arizona is adjacent to the Lavender pit.                                                         

In addition, just below the Bisbee Turquoise advertisements, is an original store receipt for the View Point shop. Consequently, the turquoise jewelry shop ends it’s operations and stands empty for many years.

Subsequently, I have driven by this empty storefront building for many years, admiring the wrought iron turquoise sign. Most recently, this retail space is changing uses and the wrought iron sign landmark has been removed! Although the building now has a different use, the view of the famous Lavender Pit is the same.Bisbee Turquoise Original AdvertisementIn the first place, here are vintage Bisbee Turquoise Advertisements for the shop located at Viewpoint, Lavender Pit, Bisbee, Arizona 85603. Notably, zip codes came about in 1962. Consequently, these advertisements are from around 1974.                                                      Original Bisbee Turquoise AdvertisementAlso, here is another one of the vintage Bisbee Turquoise Advertisements for the shop at Viewpoint, Lavender Pit                                                                    

Vintage Receipt for Bisbee Turquoise
In fact, here is a vintage receipt for Bisbee Turquoise jewelry from the Shop. Consequently, it is at the viewpoint of the Lavender Pit rim from 1974 

Bisbee Turquoise from the Lavender Rim Shop
Also, here is a ring inscribed with the words “Bisbee Blue” from the shop located at Viewpoint, Lavender Pit, Bisbee, Arizona.                                                                                                          
Viewpoint Turquoise Store, on the Lavender Pit Rim
Finally, here is a vintage photograph of the Viewpoint Store on the rim of the Bisbee Lavender Pit c. 1980 

All dressed up in Bisbee Blue, Dario Benavidez (Age 3) poses outside the Bisbee Rim View Store in 1976.  Dario is a relative of the employee we met, and buy Bisbee Turquoise Jewelry from.
Most i
nterestingly, many of the Viewpoint Shop Bisbee Turquoise jewelry pieces have the words “Bisbee Blue” inscription on them. Consequently, they achieve this inscription by using a an instrument which they call an electro pen.  An electro pen is basically a vibrating needle which makes small divots forming words into metal pieces. Sometimes, you will find electro pen generated words or social security numbers on tools, guns, or other items of value. In this case, it is a way to prove that the pieces are authentic and originate from their shop.

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