Bisbee Turquoise Rough

Most importantly, Blue Bisbee Turquoise rough refers to turquoise in the famous lavender pit conglomerate rock form. As a result, Blue Bisbee Turquoise rough is not yet gone through the process of cutting, shaping, or polishing.

Rough turquoise does not have treatment or enhancement in any form. It is straight out of the ground and is totally natural.

When you buy rough turquoise, you always take a risk as to what the inside of the rock contains. Most often, there is no telling what is inside of the rough turquoise. The outside may lend clues, but is not always an accurate way to predict what is on the inside.

The Bisbee rough that we sell, is most often in slab form. This assures you that you will receive turquoise, (rather than just ore), with your purchase(s).

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Showing all 16 results