Authentic Natural Bisbee Turquoise in the Rough

Bisbee Turquoise For Sale

In the first place, there are all varieties of authentic varieties of Bisbee turquoise for sale at our store in Tucson, Arizona. Most noteworthy, we have Bisbee turquoise for sale from Electric Blue Bisbee Turquoise to Smoky Bisbee Turquoise and everything in-between.

Most importantly, you can find Bisbee Turquoise for sale from light to dark blue in color. Consequently, you can even find it in the color green! Of course, being only 100 miles to Bisbee, Arizona, you can be sure that what you are buying from us is the real thing. As a result, we have many contacts from Bisbee who we buy real Blue Bisbee Turquoise from. Moreover, much of this material has been in the family for years. By the same token, it is smuggled out in lunch boxes years ago.

Finally, we have a vast amount and variety of Bisbee Turquoise for sale. This amount is way beyond the offerings on this website, in our brick and mortar store in Tucson, Arizona (100 miles from Bisbee, Arizona). We sell all different qualities, as well as different carat weights. Lower grades to high grade, 2 carats to an ounce and beyond.


Most notable, Blue Bisbee Turquoise is inside the American Antique Mall in Tucson, Arizona.  Our brick and mortar store is at 3130 E. Grant Road at Country Club. Our building is blue with red stripes, and has been a destination in Tucson, Arizona for close to 30 years. We offer different types of turquoise from Cabochons to Rough. We even have a silversmith on site who can set the turquoise you purchase into a pendant, ring, or necklace.

In conclusion, our silversmith can color match Bisbee Turquoise stones and perform anything from simple repairs to complete fabrication of jewelry of your imagination. He can even cut your turquoise, shape it, and bezel set it in your piece.

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