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Most notably, here is an article about our turquoise business in the Desert Leaf Magazine in Tucson. Consequently, The Desert Leaf magazine publishes articles about enthusiastic collectors in each month’s issue. In addition, this particular issue features turquoise and turquoise jewelry! As a matter of fact, the writer of this column scours local venues. In like manner, this is in efforts to obtain new subject matter for their latest press article. Equally important, Craigslist is where this writer finds us. Consequently, it is the source of where she frequently locates her avid collectors. Moreover, she interviews them and writes about their passion with words and with pictures for the magazine.

First of all, every dealer starts out the cycle as a collector in their field. As a result of their collection growing, the collector usually finds a way to sell off part of their collection. With this in mind, this is one way that collectors validate and justify their obsession. By the same token, collectors usually start off collecting just about everything in their area of interest. Consequently, the next step is that they “fine tune” their collection. Accordingly, in the turquoise business, “fine tuning” is also known as “high grading” their collection.

Finally, this is a recent article about our passion for collecting Blue Bisbee Turquoise. In specific, the writer explores our interest in the turquoise field. Then, she distributes information about us in the magazine. Also, this latest press discusses Rita Hapgood. Rita discovers Lander Blue Turquoise in 1973. In short, Rita is a Black Jack Dealer from Nevada. Remarkably, Rita stumbles across the rarest turquoise on earth, while on a picnic of with her family! Consequently, Rita goes into town and makes her findings known!

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