Bisbee Turquoise Slabs

Bisbee Turquoise slabs are the form that turquoise is first cut into, before the rock can shaped into a cabochon. Bisbee Turquoise slabs are typically cut approximately 1/4″ to 3/8″ in thickness.

In order to keep the purchase price affordable, our slabs contain small veins or spots of turquoise. The slabs are mostly lavender conglomerate host rock that famously accompanies Bisbee Turquoise.  Similar to turquoise nuggets, there is no telling what is inside of the slab! However, the outer visual characteristics usually hint to what one can expect inside the rock.

Bisbee Turquoise slabs can be used for a number of uses. In some cases, turquoise cabochons can be cut from them. Alternately, they make beautiful Arizona paperweights or just beautiful accents!

We photograph our slabs with medium light, as to not enhance the actual appearance. We also photograph them dry for the same reason as above.

Bisbee conglomerate rock (sedimentary rock clasts pressured together) can be fragile! Therefore, many of our Bisbee Turquoise slabs are stabilize strengthened. Bisbee Turquoise’s natural hardness can be soft to hard, dependent on clast composition and strength of cement.

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Showing all 19 results