Bisbee Turquoise look-alikes

First of all, Bisbee Turquoise is one of the most collected varieties of turquoise in the world. Similarly, there are several types of turquoise that are doppelgangers for Bisbee Turquoise. First of all, the example we look at is Red Skin Turquoise from China. Notably, this variety of turquoise attaches itself to a red host rock, similar to Bisbee.

To be sure, you want to acquaint yourself to this turquoise, as it is much less valuable than Bisbee.  As a matter of fact, you can study the different angles of the example below. Notably, we visit Santa Fe this summer. Consequently, we see a Chinese Red Skin Turquoise necklace in a very prominent shop. This necklace’s tag reads “Bisbee” and is $30,000!

Bisbee Turquoise (Left)& Chinese Red Skin Turquoise (Right) Here is a photograph of Bisbee Turquoise on the right and Chinese Red Skin Turquoise on the left.

In like manner, you may see a similar piece on the internet originating in China. Correspondingly, this may be your first clue as to the origin of the turquoise. Equally important, we see this variety of Turquoise at both the Tucson Gem Show, as well as at New Mexico shows.

Secondly, this variety of turquoise almost always has stabilization. In addition, the red and brown matrix is close to Bisbee in appearance, but not identical.

Similarly, another Turquoise that people mistake for Bisbee Turquoise is Persian Turquoise. Contrastingly, Persian Turquoise is often cut and shape into a dome (cabochon) overseas. The shape is cut into a larger dome, than American cutters typically make. Persian Turquoise comes from a number of mines, in now, what is modern day Iran. Consequently, the classic black and dark brown matrix renders the blue even bluer. In conclusion, I tell customers that the host rock of Persian Turquoise has a shiny, metallic appearance, when you compare it to Bisbee.


Persian Turquoise Cabochons
Persian Turquoise Cabochons                        

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