BLUE BISBEE TURQUOISE in Jasper host rock with center streak 18.5 caratsMost Relevant,, our sister website. Consequently, this is where you can also purchase more real Bisbee Turquoise. In addition, we sell other turquoise of the Southwestern United States. Most notably, we sell Morenci Turquoise, Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, and turquoise from other Southwest Mines. Furthermore, we sell Turquoise from Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona. Also, we sell natural Kingman Turquoise from Kingman, Arizona. Most noteworthy, we will be adding more Arizona Turquoise rough and cabochons to this website in the future. Finally, we work diligently towards this goal. Equally important, we solicite sellers in local publications and internet sources, here in Tucson

Ironically, Bisbee Arizona is only about an hour and a half Southeast of Tucson, Arizona. We live and operate our business in central Tucson, Arizona. Consequently, please click HERE to see the #7 Tailing pile, where Bisbee Turquoise originates. Finally, we guarantee the authenticity of our genuine Bisbee turquoise that we sell on,. Also, we guarantee the authenticity of Blue Bisbee Indecently, there is a large amount of Bisbee Turquoise that is for sale from Asia. In other words, what are the chances that this turquoise has anything to do with Bisbee?

To put it differently, our location is in close vicinity to Bisbee Arizona. Consequenlty, this further assures you of the authenticity of our turquoise. Unfortunately, much of the turquoise for sale on the Internet is from overseas. For this reason, just look where the seller is operating from. In conclusion, you should buy your Bisbee turquoise from a reputable dealer. Chiefly, our business is in the vicinity of the Bisbee Lavender Pit Mine. As a result, this certainly should give you peace of mind! Finally, we guarantee all the Bisbee Turquoise that we sell is actually from Bisbee, Arizona. Again, please also look at our sister website:

Bisbee Turquoise Rough


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